Aggretex Systems has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Heritage Glass.

“Heritage Glass is a tremendously important supplier to the high‐end decorative flooring industry,” said Curt Thompson, president and CEO of Aggretex. “The depth and breadth of their glass product line is impressive and all of it is recycled which keeps it out of our landfills. Beautiful aggregates and good for the environment, that’s what we like to see.”

The newly inked relationship allows Aggretex customers the ability to source Aggretex products and specialty glass aggregates from Heritage with a single order through Aggretex.

“With a single call, Aggretex clients can order specific Heritage products and conclude the transaction with a single PO,” said Thompson. “We’ll be featuring the top Heritage products right on our website and we are working on some co‐branding programs that will help educate the buyer and provide exciting opportunities for designers and decorative flooring artists.”

Ken Thornley, vice president and general manager of Heritage Glass, said, “Heritage Glass has traditionally been used primarily in the terrazzo floor and terrazzo counter markets. We are excited about the Aggretex relationship because this gets us into a new market segment and one that seems to be a real growth opportunity. This is a clear win‐win for both companies with the ultimate win being for the contractors and their clients who will benefit from streamlined sourcing, greater design options and a sustainable, environmentally friendly floor.”

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