ISSA has launched the Cleaning Industry Training Standard (CITS) Training Center Verification—the latest addition to its multi-faceted CITS program.

The CITS program was established in 2014 to raise the level of professionalism in the cleaning industry and to empower frontline cleaning workers. Training courses offered through the CITS program give cleaning professionals the knowledge and credentials to validate their abilities and supervisors and trainers the opportunity to hone their training and leadership skills.

“ISSA members have really responded to the CITS program as a way to standardize training and to provide employees with a path to advance their careers,” said Lucas Wendt, ISSA sales executive-facility service programs. “Because many ISSA member organizations offer CITS Verified Training courses in their own facilities, it was a logical step for ISSA to provide an option for our members to obtain third-party validation for their training venues.”

Wendt said manufacturers, distributors, and cleaning organizations offer CITS training courses for their employees and customers, many of which are presented in their own training facilities. The new CITS Training Center Verification, which uses third-party assessors, will validate each venue’s ability to provide a holistic learning experience.

“Obtaining the CITS Training Center Verification demonstrates that a training center is dedicated to providing training that reflects the core values and message of the CITS program, ensuring comprehensive training sessions taught in well-equipped, comfortable locations by accredited trainers,” said Wendt.

The CITS Training Center Verification process involves the submission of written and photographic or video details of the center’s features and amenities. Training center requirements per CITS include, but are not limited to, a dedicated, permanent area for training that complies with safety regulations and addresses the comfort needs of all participants and has multi-media capabilities and materials and equipment for hands-on demonstrations.

“CITS Training Center Verification is the final piece that ties together the entire training package that our members offer their customers and employees and helps to set the organization apart,” added Wendt.

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