Festool USA and Festool Canada have just introduced the HK (corded) and HKC (18v cordless) Carpentry Saws with an integrated guide rail and features that Festool says will revolutionize carpentry, framing and other construction applications. 
The HK/HKC allows users to make exact and repeated cuts in dimensional lumber and sheet goods anywhere the material is located versus the status quo of taking the material to the tool or to the jobsite sawhorse set-up. The HK/HKC is equipped with plunge-cutting for cut-outs with easy depth control and release. The integrated pendulum cover with riving knife automatically retracts when combined with FSK and FS rails for a fast return to cover position. With the HK/HKC Carpentry Saws, users can make accurate and repeatable cuts with minimal equipment and in minimum time.
Leo Zirkler, vice president of marketing at Festool USA, says, “With the HK/HKC, we’ve taken our industry-leading tracksaw and plunge-cut technology and applied it to build a completely new kind of carpentry saw.” Zirkler continues with, “We have succeeded in building a carpentry saw with miter saw precision in the size of a sidewinder.” 
The new carpentry saw is available in both corded [HK] and cordless [HKC] models. The HKC is part of Festool’s Power Select platform, and can be purchased with [HKC Set or HKC Plus] or without [HKC Basic] the charger and two 18v 5.2 Ah Li batteries. HK/HKC highlights include:
Versatility: Cross-cutting with ease or ripping materials to size, HK saws are adept at all circular saw tasks while bringing a higher degree of efficiency, repeatability, accuracy and quality of cut unlike any other circular saw before.
Repeatability: When used with FSK Guide Rails with integrated angle stops, making accurate, repeated cuts is not only easy it is also fast thanks to the integrated retraction feature.
Efficiency: Perform practically all jobsite cutting tasks with one tool. Making repeated cuts is faster than other methods while also providing accuracy in one step.
For more information, visit festoolusa.com or festoolcanada.com.