MAPEI introduces a new refinishing system to its Ultracoat family of products: Ultracoat ReNewIt. The four-step process is designed for wood floor refinishers when sanding is not an option, according to Jeff Johnson, business manager for MAPEI’s Floor Covering Installation Systems.

According to the company, “Sometimes it’s not possible to refinish a hardwood floor by re-sanding. For example, engineered wood floors lack the surface veneer to accommodate the sanding process. Hand-scraped wood floors would lose their hard-earned texturing if the floor were to be sanded completely flat. Even a site-finished floor might not be able to take another sanding, if it had been refinished so many times that another pass would expose the fasteners.”

MAPEI’s Ultracoat ReNewIt is a sanding-free refinishing system for pre-finished and site-finished hardwood and bamboo floors. The four steps in the ReNewIt system are:

  1. Ultracoat ReNewIt Remover, which removes all polishes and contaminants;
  2. Ultracoat ReNewIt Cleaner, which leaves the floor clean and ready to recoat;
  3. Ultracoat ReNewIt Primer, which strengthens the bond between the cleaned floor and the new coating;
  4. Ultracoat High Traffic (gloss), a wood floor finish designed to bring back the luster and gloss of the floor.

“MAPEI’s Ultracoat ReNewIt system will not solve problems due to deep scratches or gouges, and it won’t allow the floor color to be changed,” Johnson stated. “However, it will provide a new, well-bonded finish that brings back that new floor look quickly and easily without a full sand-and-recoat process.”

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