Mr. David’s Flooring International recently opened its seventh office nationwide, in Indianapolis. The commercial flooring contractor also announced it has become an authorized Laticrete Supercap system applicator for Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.

We spoke with Jordan Zmijewski, Mr. David’s vice president of business development, about these announcements.

Q: Congratulations on opening a new location in Indianapolis. Was there a strategic reason for opening there?

A: Our new Indianapolis branch—at 5801 W. 82nd St., Ste. 101— is located where most of the flooring is being distributed by most of our local distributors. They’re all within two miles of the location. The office is also about 30 minutes from the Chicago branch, so it’s easier for us to manage it.

Also, Indianapolis’ economy is on fire. They’re building, and it’s a very lively city at this point. That said, any time we’re going into a market, it’s all about the team we have there. This team is one of the most talented in the Mr. David’s family. The branch will be full-service, top to bottom, just like any of our other locations. We’re looking forward to serving our customers.

Q: How much staff will there be at the Indianapolis branch?

A: We’re looking to have about 15 people. Installer-wise that number will go up as well. Our model has always been to own the entire vertical—to have complete ownership of the product and service we’re providing—so our installers are on our payroll.

Q: Now tell me about your new partnership with Laticrete Supercap. How did that come about?

A: We love the idea of Supercap. Anyone who understands it sees that the model is phenomenal. You get in early and put down a flat subfloor of the utmost quality. A flat subfloor has become more and more critical with GCs and end-users than ever before, especially if you’re installing in a medical facility.

We vetted the process for a full two years. Not because we were non-believers, but because we wanted to take the time, do several mock-ups and make sure we should incorporate something like this into our brand. We only received positive feedback from end-users.

The biggest challenge to the system isn’t operating it. It’s convincing people of how phenomenal this system is and the tremendous cost savings it provides on the back end. Yes, it’s a slight premium in the beginning, but it will save so much time and so many headaches, it ends up saving money.

Q: From what I understand, it’s basically a truck that pours out self-leveler at a tremendous volume, right?

A: The truck mixes underlayment in its unit. The mix then goes up a hose and can deliver material up to 50 stories up. It takes a crew of seven people—three on the ground operating the truck and the self-contained crane, and four upstairs to mark the floor with little pegs to show how much needs to be poured there, and then leveling it out. The truck can pour up to 50,000 sq. ft. a day.

There is no system out there that’s better from a time savings standpoint. For clients that need to hit a timeline, you can go in and know within a millimeter what the floor flatness is. It also allows for an enhanced warranty throughout the entire process.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: I just want to say, we seem to be extremely lucky in the talent and the partners we draw. We are excited about the future.

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