The International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL) has expanded its network of warranty contractors and alliance partners.

INSTALL's newest warranty contractors are: C.J. Duguid, Ryan Carpet Service, Building Service (BSI) and Groome Floor Coverings and its newest alliance partner is MeasureSquare.

The highest level of certification within the INSTALL program is to attain INSTALL Warranty Contractor (IWC) status. Each of these contractors must be nominated and complete a rigorous review to achieve this status; the company’s labor force must be 100% INSTALL certified, in good financial standing, committed to a level of quality and fair labor practices and have a proven record of excellence in flooring installation.

Since the inception of the INSTALL Warranty Program in June 2013, INSTALL has underwritten approximately $200 million in flooring installations without a single claim filed, making an IWC the go-to choice for commercial flooring projects. Each IWC can maintain the integrity of every design because of their superior level of skills and training.

These companies now carry the INSTALL Warranty on Labor which provides an additional, extended, free, non-proprietary and third-party installation warranty of $25,000 and two years.

Alliance Partners participate in ongoing curriculum reviews and work with INSTALL instructors to revise and refine the curriculum to meet manufacturer standards. INSTALL is currently partnered with more than 100 major mills and manufacturers.

"We fully support INSTALL’s dedication to elevating installation standards by using the most innovative training methods and technology,” said Brian Crumpler, director of business development, MeasureSquare. “Our partnership will complement INSTALL’s already powerful training program.”

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