Laticrete has announced the release of three product specific Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and updated Health Product Declarations (HPD).

An EPD is a comprehensive, globally harmonized and independently verified report created by a product manufacturer which documents the impacts on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Information on the impacts to the environment include raw material acquisition, energy use, energy efficiency, content of materials, chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water, as well as waste generation from “cradle to grave.” An EPD is created and verified in accordance with ISO 14025 and is based on a life-cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. The intent of an EPD is to simply provide transparent information on the life-cycle impact of the product.

An HPD is an open standard, which provides complete, transparent disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern by analyzing and comparing all product raw materials to authoritative chemical hazard lists from around the world. HPDs are governed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative and are primarily used in North America. HPDs can be used to fulfill Option 1 (Material Ingredients Reporting) of the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—Material Ingredients credit.

Laticrete will be offering three product-specific EPDs. These EPDs will be for cement grout, cement mortar and cement self-leveling underlayments. These three product specific EPDs will be valued at one full product each in fulfilling Option 1 (EPD) of the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—EPD credit. Laticrete will be able to provide industry-wide EPDs for cement grouts and cement mortars in conjunction with the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and several other manufacturers of these products types.

“Laticrete is committed to manufacturing products which meet or exceed the requirements of green construction standards to promote a healthy environment for everyone,” said Mitch Hawkins, technical services manager for the company. “It is the goal of Laticrete to provide maximum disclosure so as to allow the design team and building owners a better opportunity to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing what products will go into their projects."

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