WarmlyYours Radiant Heating has unveiled a new line of controls for electric radiant heating systems.

The nSpiration Series represents an extensive overhaul of the radiant heating controls available from WarmlyYours. The new line of controls, available for both electric floor heating systems and hardwired radiant panels, consists of the nJoin, a power module, and four thermostats. The three programmable thermostats include the nSpire Touch WiFi, the nSpire Touch and the nHance, along with one nonprogrammable model, the nTrust.

With a variety of different features, ranging from WiFi-enabled remote control to “set-it-and-forget-it” operation, the nSpiration Series has something for every lifestyle, according to the company. Each nJoin power module, which is compatible with the entire nSpiration Series, syncs up with a thermostat to increase the electric output in 15 amp increments, which is great for heating large projects like basements.

For more information, visit warmlyyours.com.