Skilsaw's new Medusaw is a worm drive concrete saw that delivers a complete concrete cutting system with worm drive power and durability, according to the company.

Skilsaw engineered this saw with an integrated wet/dry dust management system to control dust, allowing for cleaner cuts and GFCI protection. Both features extend the life of the saw and protect the user.

Medusaw features a Cut-Ready adjustable plunge lock that allows users to quickly and accurately set and make consistent plunge cuts. The saw also has an integrated rolling foot plate with rubber wheels that help users move it smoothly across hard surfaces and rust-resistant brackets and fasteners to protect against corrosion. Finally, the tool includes a retractable front pointer that accurately guides the saw along the cut line and retracts for tight spaces.

“Skilsaw launched its first concrete cutting saw as part of its commitment to professionals and jobsite productivity. With Medusaw, we built features into the tool so you don’t need a second person to hold a vacuum or water hose to collect the dust; or a third person to hold a board down onto the surface to make a straight cut,” said Gregg Mangialardi, a Skilsaw product manager.

According to the company, Medusaw comes equipped with an onboard multi-function wrench, making it easy for users to change their blades, oil, brushes, water feed attachment and wheels.

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