Summit Industrial Flooring, based in Charleston, S.C., has partnered with Nu-Safe in an effort to reduce the number of slip-and-fall incidents for companies and provide long-term solutions for a safer working environment. 

Through their partnership with Nu-Safe, Summit will offer clients on-going safety solutions and testing with the latest in flooring innovations including: the ability to gauge the level of traction in each of their NSI certified high-traction floors; the BOT-3000-E to accurately measure the slip-level or coefficient of friction (COF) of floors; and anti-slip treatments, sealants and high-traction cleaners to Summit client’s floors to dramatically improve the COF. 

“At Summit, our goal is to educate our customers and provide sustainable, long-term solutions, while avoiding costly downtime for their industrial facilities,” says CEO Keith Powell. “Our partnership with Nu-Safe now allows us to bring the latest in anti-slip testing, treatments, sealants and high traction cleaners, providing our customers with the most comprehensive flooring solution for their workplace.” 

Nu-Safe’s Floor Safety programs have successfully reduced slip and falls for small and large commercial areas for more than 20 years. 

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