INSTALL, in support of the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA), has announced John Kasper is the winner of the INSTALL Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Scholarship.

Employed by INSTALL Warranty Contractor Groome Floor Coverings Inc., the $1,225 scholarship provides the opportunity for Kasper to successfully complete the CIM training. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with INSTALL to elevate installation managers’ skills through the scholarship program,” said Kelly Fuller, director of education, FCICA. “It speaks to INSTALL and its members’ commitment to improving industry standards and their skill sets.”

Judges for the scholarship program included Fuller as well as John McGrath, executive director of INSTALL, and Tom Lutz, marketing director of the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters/director of INSTALL Michigan.

“Kasper was awarded the CIM training scholarship because he embodies a high level of commitment to INSTALL practices and ways of doing things,” said Lutz.

Kasper, a dispatcher of 15 installers stated, “Through this opportunity I will be able to improve my skill set to better meet project management needs of the journeymen as well as my company as a whole.”

His merit is built on his completion of the INSTALL apprenticeship program, earning an INSTALL Resilient Certification and a range of experience over the past 25 years which demonstrates his ability to embrace career-long training.

“This is our second year for the scholarship program and we will continue to encourage professional McGrath evelopment through this educational opportunity in the years to come.”

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