W.F. Taylor, LLC (Taylor), an industry leader in the adhesives and coatings markets, and Chattanooga-based Spray-Lock, Inc. (Spray-Lock), a leading manufacturer of spray-based adhesives, have announced that the companies have entered into a strategic marketing alliance through which they will better serve their customers with innovative and environmentally friendly adhesives for light construction and floor covering installations.

Under the terms of the agreement, Taylor and Spray-Lock will create an alliance through which each company will market the other’s adhesives as a complement to their conventional product lines. As a result, both companies will have the ability to present information on a broader, more diverse selection of trowel and spray applied adhesives to their customers.

“Taylor has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation when it comes to adhesives, and this strategic alliance with Spray-Lock is no different,” said Dan Pelton, CEO of Taylor. “By marketing our adhesive products together, Taylor will now have a product portfolio that can serve as a single source for innovative, environmentally-friendly adhesives capable of meeting every need of our customers, regardless of the installation variables.”

For more information, visit www.wftaylor.com.