Tarkett, a producer of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, launched ProSheet Plus 3 Underlayment at the International Surface Event in Las Vegas, NV. The product is a foundational layer upon which a true floating floor for Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT/LVP) and FiberFloor can be built. ProSheet Plus 3, appropriate for single and multifamily dwellings, is different because it covers a range of substrates – from new construction (concrete, flake and particleboard) to residual adhesive, painted floors, existing resilient and tile sub-floor conditions. It installs directly over OSB to meet the requirements for “single floor construction” — saving time and money for builders and remodelers.

Tarkett’s LVT/LVP & LVT Click (Free Span Technology) installs directly over the underlayment, leaving a clean slate on the subfloor so that future replacements are quick and easy. “We’re excited to be the first to offer the market an entry-level underlayment suitable for three different flooring alternatives,” said Jon Gittrich, director of residential marketing for Tarkett. “When installed in tandem with our LVT and FiberFloor products, it’s a system that saves time and money and future-proofs the floor for changes that may happen down the road.”

ProSheet Plus 3 is used with Tarkett LVT products (click and glue-down) and Tarkett FiberFloor. The product minimizes the potential negative impacts of subfloor conditions such as deflection, staining and telegraphing of subfloor texturing. When installing LVT/LVP with QBond-1 in a releasable adhesion application, the flooring can be quickly repaired and replaced with minimal effort compared to other products in the marketplace.

For more information, visit www.tarkettna.com.