Artistic Finishes presents a new line of waterproof core accessories. Enduracor is durable, water-resistant and a versatile solution for flooring projects.

The waterproof core is created using a thermoplastic, injection molding process. An adhesive backer promotes water resistance and flexibility while producing a high bond strength that acts as a sealant and ensures a reliable hold to withstand typical daily use. The .4 mm decorative layer has the ability to complement virtually any flooring line and blends with thousands of manufacturers’ flooring lines including hardwood, tile, WPC, LVP and LVT. Using nanotechnology and an ultraviolet curing process, the water-resistant finish and top coat encapsulate the flooring accessory to prevent water damage and natural wear and tear.

A track insert provides the installer the option to securely attach the accessory into place with the track system, while allowing for height adjustments and placement consistency. It also offers more surface area for the adhesive to have contact with the accessory and underlayment, ensuring a strong hold to the subfloor.

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