Benny Dickens, founder and CEO of Formulators (, wrote to us about his company’s Aquaflex waterproof installation system, which was not mentioned in our November/December 2016 article “Moisture Mitigation: Case Studies.”

He states: “Your article only provided a platform for manufacturers of epoxy mitigation to expound upon the benefits their systems provide in resolving elevated concrete moisture, without even a mention to the serious health effects these materials [can] create. Per ASTM F-3010 the concrete slab must achieve a CSP 3 profile prior to application of the two-part epoxy. This is achieved by shot-blasting the concrete surface. In the process, this method creates hazardous respirable crystalline silica (RCS) that is now recognized by OSHA in its final ruling to be a leading cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney disease, silicosis and lung cancer in individuals exposed. The flooring industry has until June 2017 to address the issue, yet your article doesn’t even touch the subject.”

He adds, “[My company’s] Aquaflex [system] was installed on nearly two million square feet of flooring in 2016, and in every case avoided the necessity of concrete profiling and mitigation. Our technology received U.S. patent protection in June 2015 and Australian protection in December 2016. I introduced over five years ago our own waterproof concrete repair products (Patch Mix, Skim Fast and SLU) for interior application and formulated these materials to be silica-free, knowing the coming regulation. Our concrete repair products remain the only waterproof and silica-free products available on the market.

“It’s time this industry wake up. RCS is serious. The devastating consequences of liability will soon be realized. Your readers deserve better.”