EDITOR’S NOTE: In the November/December issue, we published the winning projects of the 2016 FCI Installation Awards. Spectra Contract Flooring, the award winner for Commercial Ceramic Tile/Stone, could not be reached by press time. Following is a short interview with the commercial flooring contractor.

  • Project: American Airlines Integrated Operations Center (IOC).
  • Location and Type of Project: Bathroom in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Overview: American Airlines outgrew their IOC when a merger with US Airways effectively doubled the size of their operations teams. Because the IOC operates 24 hours a day and employees are working around the clock, the building was designed to enhance the work environment for the operations team so they could be comfortable and productive, no matter what time of day they were working.

Q: According to the entry your company submitted, one of the main challenges of this project was a crunched timeframe of one year from start to completion. How long did the ceramic tile/stone portion take? How many people were on the crew? What challenges were presented by the shortened timeframe?

A: The timeframe was eight weeks with a crew size of eight to 10 installers. The biggest challenge was the delivery of vanity wall accent tile from China, because the delivery was delayed by several weeks.

Q: Can you share some details of the tile used in the project?

A: The bathroom was 12,000 sq. ft. With restroom walls at 6" x 24" and restroom floors at 12" x 24", wall and floor joint alignment was critical. The entry tile incorporated several sizes to form a pattern. The sizes of floor tile were: 4" x 36", 8" x 36", 12" x 36", 18" x 36", 24" x 36", 36" x 36" and 12" x 24". It was imperative the material order was precise because of long lead times from the overseas factory.

Q: You mentioned in your entry that the mosaic wall tile above the sink is an outstanding feature of the installation. Can you tell me more about this part of the installation? What products were used? What challenges were met?

A: The finish is Voguebay Watercube Glass Mosaic—unique random shapes and sizes with a convex bubbled face. The glass is translucent and care was exercised to back trowel each sheet to create a consistent translucent background.

Q: Did you learn anything new on this project?

A: Not really. Compressed schedules and long lead items are not unusual.