Bostik presents Climb, a one-component, easy gunning, non-sag adhesive specifically formulated for the installation of hardwood planks and blocks on interior, above-grade walls and stair tread caps.

According to Bostik’s Eric Kurtz, LEED Green Associate and market manager for hardwood, resilient & surface preparation systems, “Climb has a superior green grab (grab strength while wet) making it ideal for any vertical application in addition to tread caps and risers. Climb makes it easy to utilize the beauty of hardwood for accent walls or remodeling staircases without the difficulty, risk, or aesthetic issues typical of common fasteners or glue.”

While Climb cures quickly to form a tenacious bond to wood, it is designed not to bond with most finishes on prefinished hardwood, tread caps or risers making it easy to remove from the finish even after curing. Additionally, Climb remains tough yet flexible for extreme durability for the life of the installation. It helps reduce stair squeaking and minimizes the sound of footsteps on stairs as well. Climb has 0% solvents, low VOC, and low odor, and may contribute toward LEED points, the company noted.

Applications can include solid or engineered hardwood or bamboo installed on plywood, OSB, or existing wood floor treads and risers; or drywall (gypsum panels), brick, cinderblock and concrete for interior walls.

Climb offers superior elasticity, allowing the adhesive to move with the wood as it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature over the life of the wood plank or stair tread, Bostik added.

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