As tool manufacturers continue to develop more powerful tools, the bits that work in tandem must also improve to keep up with the pace of the jobsite. Bosch recently released Impact Tough Impact Driver Bits upgraded with design functionality and toughness to deliver ten-times more life than standard impact bits.

“Impact drivers today are offering more torque than ever before, so professionals need a series of bits that can keep up with these more powerful tools,” said Desmond Smith, product manager, accessories. “As a power tool accessory leader, Bosch took the time to perfect the manufacturing process for Impact Tough bits in order to meet the most rugged applications on the jobsite.”

The upgraded Impact Tough bits include an impact-rated line of screw driving bits, double-ended bits, nut setters, sockets, and bit holders, each enhanced to handle next-generation high torque impact drivers. Bosch uses its Xtended Torsion Zone, a feature that absorbs torque peaks to reduce breakage, to transfer torque stress at the tip of the bit to the enhanced Torsion Zone for tension dissipation, making them stronger and more reliable. The tips themselves are also precision designed and machined for a better integrated fit. This allows for more torque to the screw, less slippage, and reduced cam-out damage for a longer-lasting bit.

All the bits in the upgraded series come with a silver, high-visibility sleeve and laser markings to clearly identify each bit.

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