Tarkett recently announced it has partnered with Sustainable Minds to provide an easy way for architects and designers to find material and environmental product transparency information on more than 850 Tarkett products across all its North American brands all in one place, the SM Transparency Catalogue. The SM Transparency Catalog is designed to help architecture, engineering, and construction professionals easily find products with transparency information that qualify for green building rating systems, including: The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), LEED v4, Green Globes, the Well Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge.

“Product transparency is increasingly important to our customers who want to understand the environmental and material health impacts of our products, and they need to be able to access that information quickly and easily to make informed decisions,” said Diane Martel, vice president of sustainability for Tarkett. “Transparency, along with the data to support it, is particularly important to project owners who are working to meet rating systems requirements. Our efforts are helping these owners choose healthy products for healthy spaces.”

SM is the only source providing both environmental and material disclosures from all manufacturers, all environmental product declaration (EPD) programs, and all material disclosure and rating systems, all in one place. 

“People aren’t looking for disclosures—they want high performing products with disclosures,” said Terry Swack, CEO of Sustainable Minds. “Working with Tarkett to organize all of its brands and products into one integrated listing informed the development of new options for manufacturers to reinforce or build greener brand recognition within our catalog.”

For more information, visit www.tarkettna.com.