Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF) recently announced it has relocated into a state-of-the-art, 50,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility in Phoenix. The mixed-use building will feature an 18,000-sq-ft production area, with 18,000 sq ft set aside for storage and warehouse space and 14,000 sq ft dedicated to office space. According to the company, the new facility will enable it to:

  • Enhance training by offering more interactive presentations and demonstrations highlighting product value and application techniques.
  • Improve and streamline operations, including the strategic location of loading docks that help improve processes for order pickup, truck deliveries, and organizing finished goods.
  • Increase production output. The additional square footage means APF can add more equipment, perform more runs at once, and accommodate larger production runs to meet higher demand. 

“It’s incredibly humbling to walk through such an expansive and modern facility. I’ve been committed to the operations and growth of this company since I was a child, and to see this vision realized is among the greatest accomplishments of my career,” said Daniel Owen, president and CEO. “We have an incredible team that’s deeply committed to integrity and customer service, and this facility will enable us to perform our jobs even better, innovate more, and expand further.”

APF is best known for industry-leading, high-performance concrete coating systems for industrial environments, such as military bases, aircraft hangars, government buildings, hazardous areas, food and beverage production facilities, healthcare facilities and other demanding environments. Last year, APF acquired Super-Krete International, LLC. Now Super-Krete® Products, the brand thrives as APF’s decorative concrete and concrete repair division.

APF has two additional production facilities in Texas and Calif. that currently support Super-Krete products. Plans are underway to expand and upgrade each of these facilities so the company can produce a wider range of APF products and systems.

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