Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) will host five workshops in April, including a five-week residential course.

Carpet Seaming Workshop: April 7 — Sacramento, Calif.

A hands-on workshop that involves cutting, sealing and seaming several different types of carpet and designed for any installer that wants to make improvements to his or her skill-sets.

Installation for Sales People: April 7 — Seattle, Wash.

Great installation begins at the front of the store, not the back. Learn how to use installation ser

Patterned Carpet Workshop: April 13-14 Dallas, Texas

A two-day hands-on workshop that covers techniques and tools for the installation of patterned carpets and provides proven methods of correction should problems occur in the field.

Substrate Subfloor Prep Inspection: April 20-21 Tampa, Fla.

The SSPI is a class designed for anyone in the flooring industry that has the responsibility of determining if a product will work on a given substrate, if the subfloor is ready for flooring, or why the floor is failing.

5-Week Residential Carpet Course: April 24-May 26 Dallas, Texas

The five week CFI Residential Carpet Installation Course provides a comprehensive overview of basic residential carpet installation. Students do not need any previous installation experience to attend the class.

For more information, visit http://cfiinstallers.com.