Innovations4Flooring (I4F) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kowon R&C Corp. based out of South Korea. Kowon is co-owner of the Windmöller LVT patents rights in the U.S. (US 8,071,193; US 8,857,127; US 8,728,603). The partnership will focus on the development of new intellectual property in the multilayer flooring product category, and represents a further step in I4F’s strategy to build a strong and open IP company focused on the flooring industry.

Kowon and I4F also announced that in addition to his role as I4F’s CEO and managing director of Classen Intellectual Property, John Rietveldt will become the managing director of Kowon. Kowon believes that this partnership with I4F will create more value with its share of Windmöller’s LVT patent rights in the U.S. and facilitate its contribution to technical advancements in the multilayer flooring product category.

Rietveldt commented, “The partnership between Kowon R&C Corp. and I4F is significant as this company co-owns key U.S. flooring technologies and has the ability, as well as the competence, to add new, meaningful LVT product innovations to the market. This is the next step on I4F’s path to revolutionize the global flooring industry through game-changing innovations.”

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