World Floor Coverings Association (WFCA) unveiled a redesigned website, a part of the association’s overall initiative to expand benefits for members and enhance communications. Along with curated content presented in an easy-to-navigate user interface, the site incorporates many of the features previously available at the association’s separate retailer- and consumer-oriented sites at a new consolidated web address.

The revamped website offers a suite of tools and resources specifically tailored to meet the needs of the WFCA’s primary member base, the independent flooring retailer. The site has marketing insights, growth and expansion guidance, and advice for addressing key issues affecting the flooring industry. The site will feature a rotating line-up of content designed for the flooring retailer and provide answers and links that retailers need to ensure they are running their companies at full capacity.

The site also offers links to online learning through WFCA University, proprietary research, scholarship forms, an industry calendar, legislative updates from the WFCA’s own public affairs team in Washington, DC, staffing and consulting services, insurance options, savings programs for members, and other references and tools.

To facilitate and streamline access to member forms and documents, a library of association materials is available through the site including: “Ask the Experts” articles; TISE discounts; ongoing insights from “Tom’s Tips” by Tom Jennings, WFCA’s vice president of professional development, and “The Law the Floor and You” by Jeff King, general council. Members can also access primers and handbooks, renew membership online, learn about the Floor Covering Industry Foundation and how it helps members of our industry as well as obtain details and access points to the Certified Floorcovering Installation Association.

“Through we have harnessed all the information and communication resources that WFCA offers in one easy to navigate location,” said Freida Staten, vice president of marketing and communications for WFCA. “We offer a range of benefits, unparalleled by any other professional association in existence and our new site is designed to help us communicate those benefits effectively and efficiently. reflects our efforts to continually evolve to meet the changing needs of our members and to ensure the success and profitability of their businesses.”

The consumer component of provides resources necessary for consumers to make informed flooring decisions, including practical tips, pros and cons of flooring categories, and other details. An overview of each category provides varieties and styles available, manufacturing details, things to consider before buying, and how to prepare for installation. When consumers are ready to buy floors, offers a searchable database of WFCA retail members across the country.

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