After almost a year of product testing and enhancement, Base King released an improved version of its TurboStix Adhesive Tapes for direct sales into the flooring market in March 2017. Beginning late April 2017, direct online sales will be offered to the general public. TurboStix is odorless, non-toxic, and requires no dry time, which allows for immediate use after application and adhesion. It is also highly resistant to plasticizer migration. Over the last year, Base King has made a several improvements to the product, including a higher quality scrim inside the adhesive and a new durable, tear-resistant, re-applicable, gloss, easy-release liner.

A double sided adhesive tape, TurboStix can be used for transition strips, treads and risers, carpet wall bases, vinyl and rubber cove bases, vinyl interior trims and moldings, and small repairs. It is available in 9 different widths from 1-12 in., each roll being 164 linear ft.

“TurboStix has always been one of our best selling products,” said Denelle Schlisner, Base King’s vice president of sales. “We are proud to be offering such a great product directly to our customers. The new enhancements make the tape even better.”

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