We asked several moisture meter manufacturers to discuss their latest products for measuring moisture in hardwood flooring. Their answers are below.

Grete Heimerdinger, Lignomat: “Most pinless meters are calibrated for a fixed material thickness of 3/4”. That means that accurate measurements can only be taken if the product is at least 3/4” thick.

“Lignomat’s dual-depth scanners measure 1/4” and 3/4” deep. Materials thinner than 3/4” can now be measured accurately with the 1/4” depth setting. This opens up new ways to use pinless meters.

“Many panel and floor products are only 5/8” thick, which does not work well for 3/4” depth. So when a floor of 5/8” planks is installed and you measure 3/4” deep, you cannot be sure that the subfloor or concrete underneath is not affecting the readings.

“You can find the moisture content of the thin hardwood top layer by using the corresponding species setting and 1/4” depth. Using those results, a setting can be found for the entire floor plank.

“All our moisture meters have a built-in calibration check and an internal automatic calibration adjustment. To show that the meters cables and electrodes are functioning properly, we sell calibration check blocks. In our manuals we also describe some easy pin and pinless check methods.

“Ligno-Scanners are convenient to use. The meters fit comfortably in your hand for measurements. The operation is simple with clearly marked push buttons. The large display shows moisture percentage and the settings for wood species and measuring depth.

“Lignomat’s unique measuring technology assures calibration accuracy, reliability, repeatability and dual-depth capability. Our scanners produce the same accurate moisture values today, tomorrow and in a year.”

For more information, visit lignomatusa.com.

Jason Spangler, Wagner Meters: “We offer a range of products for accurate results, including our TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer, the MMC line of pinless wood moisture meters (MMC220 is our most popular), and the WoodH20 smart device app. This is a free app that will help calculate equilibrium moisture content.”

For more information, visit wagnermeters.com.

Andrew Rynhart, Tramex: “We have launched a new pin-type meter with adjustment for more than 500 wood species and international calibration standards built in, as well as adjustment for temperature and automatic calibration. This PTM2.0 Professional Pin Type meter brings a new standard to pin meters.”

For more information, visit tramexmeters.com.

Paul Laurenzi, Delmhorst: “Delmhorst offers a full line of both pin and pinless moisture meters for flooring professionals. Our meters range in price point and capabilities, including models that feature built-in species and temperature correction, and even data collection and reading download capabilities.”

For more information, visit delmhorst.com.