USG Corp., has partnered with Infinity Drain to unveil the USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System. This completely waterproofed, linear drain shower system is easier and faster to install than traditional shower construction. The new system pairs USG’s Durock Brand Shower System components with decorative linear drains from Infinity Drain. This innovative system offers architects, designers and contractors one complete waterproof shower installation made easy.

“Our partnership with Infinity Drain is a testament to USG’s commitment to delivering products that help our customers build faster, smarter, and with peace of mind,” said Scott Crandall, senior manager, North American sales and product development, USG. “This new addition to the USG portfolio allows for a one-stop solution—architects, designers and contractors can turn to USG for all their tile and flooring needs.”

Jonathan Brill, president, Infinity Drain, added, “USG brings expertise in delivering innovative solutions, which complement our drain offerings. This partnership is a natural fit. It’s an industry bench mark for installation that will allow professionals to install our products quickly, easily and confidently.”

With traditional mud bed shower construction, there are several steps needed to form a consistent pitch or perfectly flat substrate. From mixing and forming screeds to pulling the mortar, it can take up to three days to install a shower bed. The USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System offers a bonded waterproofing system made for tiled shower installations that eliminates many traditional application challenges.

The USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower System is comprised of:

USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Linear Drain Kit

  • Decorative linear grates that are available in four finishes (satin stainless, polished stainless, satin bronze and oil-rubbed bronze) with adjustable feet to match tile thickness
  • Pitched channel, channel support, hair strainer and lift-out key
  • Integrated waterproofing membrane

USG Durock Brand Infinity Drain Shower Floor

  • High-density foam that installs more easily than conventional shower bases made of dry pack mortar
  • Optimal 2% sloped design that is available in three sizes

USG Durock Brand UltraLight Foam Tile Backerboard (Wall)

  • Strong, lightweight, waterproof and vapor retardant
  • Rugged facer on extruded foam core
  • Cuts easily, is dust free, and fastens without washers

USG Durock Brand Waterproofing Membrane and Accessories

  • Pliable and durable waterproofing membrane
  • Minimizes build up at seams
  • Resistant to tears and low permeability rating

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