Koster American has partnered with T&L Distributing to bring T&L’s sales force of nearly 50 representatives to better serve Koster customer needs. T&L will be stocking popular products, including: Koster Vap I 2000 FS; Koster Vap I 2000 Zero VOC; Koster Vap 06 Primer; Koster SL Primer; Koster SC; Koster SL; and Koster SL Premium.

T&L corporate headquarters is located in Houston, with several regional warehouse locations serving Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Arkansas. T&L also operates several store-front locations, allowing customers to pick up orders as well as the tools necessary to complete their flooring application.

For more information, visit www.kosterusa.com or www.tldistributing.com.