Wagner Meters’ flooring division announced a limited-time price reduction on the retail purchase price of its DataMaster app. Right now, customers can purchase the DataMaster™ app for $9.99, 90% off the regular price.

The DataMaster app is designed to quickly and seamlessly read, record, and report data from either the Rapid RH 4.0 single use or the 5.0 reusable concrete moisture sensors using the new Rapid RH Bluetooth Smart Reader. The app can be downloaded onto either an iOS or Android device.

“Our latest DataMaster app is easy to use and comes in a highly intuitive package with several important features,” said Jason Spangler, flooring division manager for Wagner Meters. “For example, we included an ‘Annotation’ screen that takes advantage of your phone’s other functions. Through the ‘Annotation’ screen, you can attach photos or audio memos, as well as text notes.”

The app can also store essential information about each job site and sensor, including service temperature, target relative humidity (RH), slab thickness, and water-to-cement mix ratio.

Other key features include: acquisition of data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard; map recorded data to a display of a job site’s sensor locations; email reporting; print of reports directly from a smartphone to any wireless enabled printer; data export to the dedicated F2170reports.com website; and data integrity by not allowing for sensor data to be altered

When the app is paired with the Rapid RH Bluetooth Smart Reader, it’s easy to collect data from either the Rapid RH 4.0 EX or 5.0 sensors. The reader is about the size of a USB flash drive, and can send data wirelessly to your Android or iOS device.

For more information, visit www.wagnermeters.com.