Following rejection of the most recent CARE 5 Year Plan, CalRecycle offered a workshop for manufacturers and stakeholders, after the monthly public meeting, to provide additional information on how to draft and submit a stewardship plan that complies with state law. CARE plans to submit a revised plan, and has scheduled a series of meetings with CalRecycle to help ensure an acceptable plan is developed. CARE will also convene a series of meetings/webinars for the California Council on Carpet Recycling beginning in June to update the Council and request further information as a new plan is created.

Cycle is also offering 1-million micro grants for collections/reuse programs for both public and private entities, with a maximum grant award of $10,000. Funds will be awarded for infrastructure projects and/or purchase of equipment that supports the operational logistics of properly collecting and/or reusing California post-consumer carpet under a new or established program. Projects that specify additional pounds of PCC collected or reused as a result of grant funding will be preferred. Grant application deadline is June 2, and projects must be completed by the end of 2017.

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