Subfloors, especially those with renovation projects, can be challenging. That shared industry trepidation led Schönox to adopt the theme of “What lies beneath?” for this year’s annual Schönox Worst Subfloor Contest which opened at the beginning of June. The contest asks participants to submit entries featuring their most challenging subfloor projects and how they renovated those tough subfloor conditions using Schönox products. Entries are reviewed and scored by three independent judges and the winners receive a variety of prizes.

“With Schönox, our approach is to develop subfloor products that can address even the most challenging conditions knowing that success in extreme circumstances bodes well for all subfloor projects where Schönox is used,” said Thomas Trissl, principal at HPS Schönox. “The Contest allows us to see the worst subfloors out there so we are staying ahead with the best subfloor answers.”

Entries are judged based on the severity of the original subfloor’s condition, the skill and attention to detail taken in executing the project, and the quality of the finished subfloor. Those entering the contest are asked to photograph the subfloor conditions before and after the subfloor renovation project and submit the photos, along with some project information.

“Each year the number of entries increases along with national attention on the contest, which points to the strong desire to do exceptional work in the flooring industry,” said Doug Young, executive vice president of HPS Schönox.

Projects completed from Dec. 23, 2016-Dec. 22, 2017 are eligible for entry with winners to be announced at TISE (Surfaces) in 2018. The winning flooring companies and the installers who worked on the winning projects receive prizes. Registered contestants will have opportunities to win additional prizes during special promotions planned throughout the contest period.

“I am excited to see this year’s entries where we will see who found the very worst beneath the floor and handled it the best,” said Young.

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