Diablo introduces a newly-enhanced framing and demolition saw blade with a tracking point amped tooth design. This blade includes a new tooth grind sequence, specifically designed to provide extreme durability and easier cuts, even when cutting abrasive materials such as shingles, bolts, or nail-embedded wood.

“Through comprehensive field testing and industry-leading manufacturing, we were able to design a market-first 3-tooth grind sequence, called Tracking Point Amped, which delivers unrivalled cutting life in both framing and extreme demolition applications,” said Russell Kohl, president and CEO of Diablo Tools. “So whether you’re removing exterior siding or subfloors, cutting into a roof, or framing new construction, you can depend on the new Demo Demon Amped blade to provide the ultimate cutting performance.”

The saw includes the tracking point amped tooth geometry, lock-tooth technology, dura-blend carbide, perma-shield non-stick coating, and laser-cut thin kerf.

For more information, visit www.diablotools.com.