Graco recently announced the new ToughTek CM20 continuous mixer, part of the ToughTek family of mortar pumps and mixers. Offering contractors a portable, more economical approach to continuous mixing, this mixer is rated for a standard 120-volt outlet, allowing contractors to use the system on nearly any job site.

“More and more stucco and repair mortar contractors are choosing continuous mixing over hand and batch mixing because of the quality of the mix, higher output and ease of operation,” said Bryce Gapinski, Graco product manager for the ToughTek line. “Our CM20 mixer is perfect for pre-blended mortar, and can easily be moved around a job site and plugged into any standard outlet. Contractors now have a mixer that’s not only easy to operate, but one they can rely on to deliver consistent material mix, batch after batch.”

The CM20 mixer features simplified controls, with only an on/off toggle switch and adjustable needle valve that maintains constant water flow throughout the day. Compared to other continuous mixers, the machine is lightweight and portable, but can still hold up to three 80-pound bags of pre-blended stucco. The molded mixing section and multiple latches also make disassembly for cleaning and transport easier.

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