Makita U.S.A. recently relaunched its website with an option to view content in Spanish. The new feature shows a range of content in Spanish including product data, service options, warranty information, promotions, and select videos. Nearly 40% of the U.S. construction labor force is Spanish-speaking, and this share continues to grow.

“Makita is focused on professional trades, and we reach contractors where they work, where they learn and where they play,” said Raquel Portillo, senior marketing specialist, emerging markets, Makita. “For the growing number of Hispanic contractors, we reach them where they work through job site initiatives, and off the job site through leading sponsorships that include the Mexican National Soccer Team and Major League Soccer. The addition of Spanish-language web content is a big step in reaching Spanish-speaking contractors where they learn. The Makita website now looks more like the market we serve, which is increasingly diverse and demanding of more rich content to make the right purchase decision.”

Brent Withey, director of brand marketing, Makita, added “Makita is an engineering company focused on new innovation that helps contractors solve problems and work more efficiently. The website allows users to search and navigate through the full range of Makita solutions and technologies while delivering a rich experience on all screens, from desktop to tablet and mobile. Now this rich online experience is vastly improved for our Spanish-speaking audience.”

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