At the recent Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) annual Tape Summit, attendees were able to deepen their understanding of tape usage in a variety of ways, particularly in its end-use applications.

“The Pressure Sensitive Tape Council continues to be at the forefront of education, providing knowledge about PSA tape and its many applications,” said Michel Merkx, president of the PSTC. “While PSTC’s annual Tape Summit is a must-attend for our current members, it has grown to the point where we are broadening our horizons to include spotlighting those industries utilizing PSA tape in an end-use capacity.”

According to Merkx, building and construction, medical, transportation, and appliances are a few of the many industries that use pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape to join, affix, insulate, protect and decorate.

“The idea to share specific industry applications stems from PSTC’s recently commissioned PSA tape research report,” said Merkx. “The report identified those markets exhibiting a potential for growth in PSA tape use for bonding. It also showed biases, behaviors, and decision drivers influencing tape use in these various industries. The Tape Summit assembles this information in one venue culminating in an event designed for enrichment and learning.”

A poster presentation about how PSA tape is used in building and construction was on display in the Tape Summit Exhibit Hall throughout the event while other take-away materials concentrating on diverse tape applications were provided to all attendees. The Tape Summit’s regulatory sessions also provided information for those in industries where government standards play an important role when considering which method of bonding is going to be most suitable for their projects.

The Tape Summit’s Technical Seminar, TECH 40, included over 25 technical presentations, including one focused on medical applications (“Low Trauma Medical PSA Clinical Trials”), as well as another that was an overview of water resistance that could be related to insulation applications that may be applied across multiple industries, including appliances and building and construction.

“The goal is to impart knowledge that is readily applicable,” said Merkx. “Because of our expansion into industry usage, it’s fitting that we will incorporate more end-use information in future Tape Summit events.”  

Tape Summit 2018 is scheduled for May 7-11 at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minnesota.

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