Chuck VandenLangenberg, the second-longest tenured employee in the 86-year history of H.J. Martin and Son, retired from the company last month after 46 1/2 years. Only John Richards, who retired from the glass division in 2012, was employed by H.J. Martin and Son for a longer period (50 years). At retirement, he served as residential crew manager, overseeing approximately 50 flooring installers. VandenLangenberg will be succeeded by Brian Valentine.

“Employees like Chuck VandenLangenberg have made this company successful and helped it grow to what it is today,” said Edward Martin, president and CEO. “He was a pillar of our residential flooring division for almost five decades. On top of that, Chuck has helped to bring many family members into H.J. Martin and Son who also have made great contributions. In fact, while on a job site the other day, I met his grandson, who is a third-generation employee.”

VandenLangenberg began working part-time, unloading tile from boxcars, at H.J. Martin and Son in 1969 at the age of 17 while a student at Green Bay’s Preble High School. After graduating in 1970, he joined the company on a full-time basis in January of the following year. Initially, VandenLangenberg worked in the company’s warehouse, where he cut glass and was a truck driver. Within six months, he began as a residential flooring installer, ultimately becoming the acknowledged top installer at H.J. Martin and Son.

After nearly 30 years in the field as a residential installer, VandenLangenberg was promoted to residential crew coordinator. Using his vast experience as a guide, he initially oversaw a crew of roughly 28 installers, serving as a mentor and coordinating the installer schedule. VandenLangenberg also worked with area contractors and the company’s sales staff to resolve any issues which might arise.

“I really enjoyed installing,” said VandenLangenberg. “When you go into a home for a remodel job, people are letting you take their house apart, fix it up and it turns out really nice. The most satisfying thing for me, though, was later when I became the crew coordinator, to train people to be flooring installers–and to be good at it.”

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