CS Unitec’s new EBS 180 F 7” walk-behind concrete grinder with dust extraction removes epoxy, paint, and other coatings, and prepares concrete surfaces before applying new paints or coatings. This grinder is built with a 20 AMP, 2500-watt motor to enable a high load capacity running 7” diameter diamond wheels at 8500 RPM. Suitable for medium-sized jobs, the grinder features a height- and tilt-adjustable handle for operator comfort.

The EBS 180 F is equipped with a built-in vacuum port for dust-free operation when connected to an industrial vacuum. To increase the life of the grinder, the high-performance motor is located above the diamond grinding wheel, away from dust. An adjustable brush shield matches the height of the grinder to the wear of the diamond wheel to protect against dust and debris. The foldable side edge of the dust guard allows grinding right up to the wall.

Electronic features include soft start and overcurrent cut-off. Assorted diamond grinding wheels for concrete, screed, and masonry material are also available.

For more information, call (800) 700-5919, email info@csunitec.com or visit www.csunitec.com.