Fila has extended its Green Line with the introduction of two new sealers, Filawet Eco and Fila Hydrorep Eco. Filawet Eco is a topical anti-stain sealer, with a “wet effect.” Fila Hydrorep Eco is a natural look, water-repellent sealer. Like all Fila Green Line treatments, the new solutions are solvent-free and contribute towards LEED credits and have GEV-EMICODE EC1 Plus certification. Both treatments are also UV resistant and will not alter terracotta frost resistance.

Both sealers require no dilution and are ready to use. Filawet Eco is designed for unpolished stone, terracotta, and agglomerate application to prevent the absorption of stains. Its non-peel, wet effect facilitates easy dirt removal.

Fila Hydrorep Eco is designed to protect against water, weathering, and efflorescence and prevents the build-up of algae, mold, and fungus on unpolished stone and agglomerates, quarry tiles, terracotta, concrete, exposed bricks, and stucco. The anti-fouling barrier, which prevents the accumulation of deposits, is certified by tests conducted in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 method. The treatment also preserves breathability above 90%.

Fila’s Green Line includes treatments for all surface installation and maintenance stages, from pre-grouting protectors and surface cleaners, to sealers and stain removers. Other new introductions include LEED-approved and GEV-EMICODE EC1PLUS certified stain-proofing sealer, FilaMP90 Eco Plus for natural stone and polished porcelain, including food contact areas.

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