When Delicious Orchards, a 60,000-sq-ft, 100-year-old upscale food retail market that specializes in fresh fruits and vegetables needed a new look for its store floor, they chose The Gillespie Group, an N.J.-based commercial flooring company. The retail store was an older building that slowly expanded its space over time, and many existing flooring issues needed to be addressed, including a severe moisture problem that stemmed from older sections of the concrete and floors that were failing. Tiles were popping off and water was seeping between the joints. Also, there were different flooring types throughout the facility.

Mike McDonald, vice president of Delicious Orchards, wanted a rustic, timeless look for the floor that could withstand heavy foot traffic, be durable, slip-resistant, and fit aesthetically with their customers’ demographic. The timing was also critical, as the store only shut down for one day per week. The Gillespie Group was called by Mike McDonald for a project quote, awarded the project, then provided a flooring recommendation based upon their expertise and what would fit Delicious Orchards’ style.

Gillespie developed a logistics plan to address the important issues such as a very tight timeline, with no interference or downtime for the supermarket or customer base. First, the existing flooring had to be removed by shot blasting and then self-leveled. Next, the full installation had to be completed the following week, but in only one day. The FloorFolio Rustic Collection was installed on the first quarter of the store. As a focal point, it enhanced the look of the “old-time farmer’s market.”

“We understood the aesthetic requirements and the timing restrictions,” said John Gillespie, vice president of operations for Gillespie. “A rustic look was required, and we knew that FloorFolio had the style and appearance they wanted. Not many companies could have pulled off the timeline of 30 hours for prepping, and then one 10-hour day for installation.”

McDonald added, “Working with The Gillespie Group was a pleasure from start until finish. Beginning with the initial quoting of the job through completion, they walked us seamlessly through the process the whole way. What we also appreciated was their ability to tailor the job to fit our needs. They have the skill set and customer service to accomplish any job affordably. We will definitely be using them in the future.”  

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