With the waterproofing membranes market size estimated to surpass $10.5 billion by the end of 2024, the need for durable materials in construction for commercial and residential projects is growing. USG Corp. recently unveiled USG Durock liquid waterproofing membrane, a polymer-based fluid application for use in tile and stone applications. USG Durock liquid waterproofing membrane is suitable for applications such as wet areas, including steam showers, flooring assemblies, and countertops.

This liquid membrane, designed to be rolled, brushed, troweled, or sprayed, provides a sealed waterproof barrier in a single-step application when administered over vertical smooth surfaces or in a two-ply application when used on rough surfaces and all horizontal surfaces. It also has a  fast-drying time, which allows for quick turnaround.

“There’s always a bathroom to fix up or renovate, and for designers and installers, productivity on the jobsite is more important than ever,” said Matthew Samuels, product manager for USG. “Our USG Durock liquid waterproofing membrane brings the trust, flexibility and level of performance that our customers have come to expect from the USG Durock waterproofing membrane portfolio, in an application that’s easier to use than sheet membrane solutions and is faster to install because of the quick drying time.”

USG Durock liquid waterproofing membrane has a permeance rating of 0.43 perms at 15 milliliters dry thickness. It can also bond directly to stainless steel, PVC, and ABS drains.

For more information, visit www.usg.com.