Warmup recently introduced the DCM-Pro floor heating system, combining anti-fracture protection, floor heating, and WiFi controls. The system is comprised of a 1/4” castellated membrane, the Warmup DCM-Pro Heating Cable and Warmup 4iE Thermostat.

The pre-spaced channels on the DCM-Pro Membrane make it easy to space and lay the DCM-Pro Cable evenly to ensure even heating throughout the floor. Cables can be spaced at 2”, 3” or 4” for the highest flexibility in heat outputs, from comfort to primary heating. The DCM-Pro Cable is durable and flexible due to its ETFE inner jacket for high heat outputs and a PVC outer sleeve, for a smooth installation and protection of the cable.

The TCNA-tested DCM-Pro membrane can be attached to wood and cement subfloors using any tile adhesive thanks to a patented design with Hydration Vents. The patented DCM-Pro design of the membrane allows for more adhesive to connect with the cable and thereby distribute the heat more evenly, leaving no hot and cold spots. Installers can use either modified or unmodified adhesives over the membrane to suit their installation needs. The DCM-Pro membrane can even be covered with self-levelling mortars to allow installation of small format tiles and other floor types such as glue-down wood and multilayer flooring.The design of the DCM-Pro Membrane protects the cable from mechanical damage caused by walking on the system, as well as any other possible harm to the system caused by buckets, tools, or a trowel when tiling. This leads to a reduced risk of installation failures.

The 4iE thermostat can program itself using a smartphone location and the occasional override. WiFi capability also allow users to vary settings by zone. The 4iE is designed to be unobtrusive in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with high-gloss effect front faces, and bevelled chrome edges to reflect wall colors. A range of vinyl overlays are available in both multiple color and textured metal and wood effects. The large color touchscreen can be customized with different themes and uploadable photo backgrounds.

The DCM-Pro Cable comes with a 30-year warranty and SafetyNet installation guarantee. The DCM-Pro Membrane has been rated as up to Heavy Commercial under the C627 Robinson test and has been tested by the TCNA to the ASTM 118.12 standards.

For more information, visitwww.warmup.com.