A huge step forward in floor care for hard surface floors from Braxton-Bragg has striking similarities to the two-in-one revolution that took hair care by storm in the mid-80s with the launch of Pert shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. Shiny hair is seen as clean and healthy. The same can be said for hard surface floors. A hard surface floor, just like hair, is strong, porous and can be cleaned and conditioned.

A two-in-one system to clean and maintain hard surface floors from Braxton-Bragg is now available to facility managers, janitorial suppliers, and janitorial service companies. Braxton-Bragg has harnessed the power of diamonds with its Viper Floor Maintenance Pads. Regular cleaning of hard surface floors with Viper Diamond-Impregnated Floor Maintenance Pads not only provides a powerful clean but it polishes and improves the surface of the floor with every cleaning.

“The great news is that Viper Diamond-Impregnated Floor Maintenance Pads are making our customers hard surface floors a lot more ‘Pert’,” said Rich Hassert, Braxton-Bragg CEO. “Usually all that is needed is water, and no chemicals are required. Results can be improved by adding a hard surface cleaning product from Prosoco.”

Braxton-Bragg Viper Pads are available in 800, 1500 and 3000 grit, and can be used with most commonly-used floor cleaning machines, such as floor scrubbers or burnishers.

For more information, visit www.braxton-bragg.com.