California-based BOE/A.Bottini has added Edge Strip kits (ESKs), a synthetic cork product used as a perimeter barrier when pouring self-leveling underlayment, to its line of tools and tile related products.

Each kit consists of 12 – 2’ x 5/16” x 2” pieces for a total of 48 linear feet. Each strip is self-adhering to provide an easy, no-mess installation without the use of spray foam products or caulks. The ESKs peel and stick around the perimeter of the area where an installer plans to use self-leveling underlayment. This acts to contain the self-leveling underlayment from escaping into adjacent areas, under walls, or through holes drilled for plumbing or electrical pipes. The versatility of the Edge Strip product also allows them to be cut lengthwise and stuck onto themselves to form an “L” to act as a temporary barrier at the door thresholds or vanity footprint.

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