Measure Square and Bonitz Flooring Group have announced a strategic partnership to provide Bonitz a solution to meet both long and short-term objectives regarding quantitative analysis, standardized bid generation, and integration with current and future management systems, including CRM solutions. Measure Square will expand its technology solution with insights from the commercial flooring operation.

After a lengthy review conducted by Bonitz senior leadership, in collaboration with front line associates, Bonitz has determined that a standard estimating software package was the best way to accomplish the long-term objectives and growth plans of the organization. Multiple estimating software companies were evaluated to determine the best fit.

"At the conclusion of this evaluation, it was obvious that Measure Square was most suited to meet our needs," said Todd Wade, Bonitz vice president. "Steven Wang personally met with Bonitz associates and identified areas of concern and opportunities for both parties and has committed to continued development and implementation. Since the decision to partner with Measure Square, we have been impressed with the response and cooperation from their management and technical staff. Our associates have embraced this change, and the implementation has been seamless."

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