MAPEI is bringing to the market a complete set of subfloor-preparation products and adhesive systems that are designed to function at any moisture condition of the concrete subfloor. With the introduction of Planiprep MRS, a moisture-resistant, high-compressive-strength skimcoating compound, combined with the repositioned Ultrabond G15, a high-moisture-resistant, fast-setting epoxy flooring adhesive, MAPEI can now offer a warranted installation system for solid rubber and vinyl flooring that does not require an epoxy moisture-barrier system to be in place.

Planiprep MRS is an advanced, hydraulic-cement-based skimcoating compound that is especially formulated for skimcoating and patching interior horizontal concrete surfaces with high moisture content or where environmental controls are not operational. Planiprep MRS has no moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) limitations and can be installed without prior testing on properly prepared concrete substrates.

Ultrabond G15 is a fast-setting, two-part, high-moisture-resistant reactive epoxy adhesive with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), designed for the installation of rubber and vinyl flooring. Ultrabond G15 can be used on concrete slabs with high moisture vapor emission rates, and is recommended for high-traffic installations where superior indentation resistance and performance are required.

“With the introduction of these two products, MAPEI can now offer a warranted installation system for solid vinyl or rubber flooring over concrete slabs with 25 pounds [11,3 kg] MVER and 100% RH without the need for an epoxy moisture barrier to be installed,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for MAPEI’s floor covering installation systems. “The combination of Planiprep MRS and Ultrabond G15 provides groundbreaking techniques for fast-track installation of resilient floor products, and removes traditional roadblocks and time delays that result from trying to resolve high-moisture-related issues.”

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