Bona US recently made its Bona Craft Oil 2K, a high-performance, natural penetrating floor oil available nationwide.

“We know that many of today’s homeowners are looking for a natural, soft aesthetic in hardwood floor finishes,” said Cate Vanegas, director of marketing for Bona US. “Bona Craft Oil 2K was innovated specifically for that beautiful, natural look with the added benefit of a high level of performance that makes it easy to apply. Like all our products in the Bona System, it also stands the test of time for durable floors that last.”

The new Bona Craft Oil 2K offers all the benefits of a natural oil finish with high performance and versatility. The enhanced open time and its ability to set up quickly makes it easier to work with and allows for light use in just eight hours after application. The viscosity penetrates deep into the hardwood floor in one coat, resulting in strengthened wear resistance and an organic looking floor with a rich patina.

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