Installing tile in a tub surround can quickly transform an otherwise ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat, and the process of waterproofing the tub surround before tile installation has just been made easier with the Schluter-Kerdi-TubKit. The result is a bathroom area that is hygienic and maintenance-free that also has a luxurious look.

The Schluter-Kerdi-TubKit for ceramic tile tub surrounds creates a completely waterproof environment and eliminates the possibility of damaging leaks and mold growth due to moisture penetration. The main component of the kit is a roll of Schluter-Kerdi, a sheet-applied waterproofing membrane made of pliable polyethylene that is covered on both sides with fleece webbing. The sheet membrane is applied to the walls, using thin-set mortar, creating a watertight system by overlapping the Kerdi by at least 2” at all seams, or covering the seams with the strip of 5” Kerdi-Band included in the kit. Tiles are then set directly onto the Kerdi with thinset mortar.

The Kerdi membrane sheet and strips in the kit are specifically sized for a standard tub surround, reducing the amount of unused membrane at the end of the job. The kit also includes a tube of Kerdi-Fix sealing and bonding compound to create a waterproof seal around the tub flange. This is a particularly vulnerable area for moisture penetration so obtaining a proper waterproof seal where the tiles meet the tub is critical. Other components in the kit are a 4.5” mixing valve seal and a 3/4" pipe seal to ensure that no moisture can enter the wall cavity where the plumbing fixtures protrude into the shower area.

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