Custom Building Products recently repackaged its Prism ultimate performance cement grout to reinforce key attributes. Designed to deliver attractive, high-quality tile surfaces while preventing costly and time-consuming call-backs, Prism cement grout is now available in a multi-colored 17-pound box. The front and side panels of the new box highlight the benefits of this versatile grout, including: uniform, consistent color; no efflorescence; stain resistance; Lightweight; and offers same coverage area as 25-pounds of traditional sanded grout.

Prism is formulated for high strength, resistance to cracking, and less water absorption to reduce the likelihood of staining. The density of Prism provides greater stain resistance while its rapid-setting formula speeds project completion. More than 30% lighter than standard grouts and made of 15% post-consumer recycled content (by weight), Prism also contributes to LEED certification credits and meets ANSI A118.7.

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