Jelmar, a family- and women-owned manufacturer of cleaning products, announced the addition of CLR Pro heavy duty cleaner to its professional line of cleaning products. CLR Pro is a ready-to-use, multi-surface, industrial-strength cleaner for the industrial and commercial sectors.

“Each and every Pro Line product is designed with the industry professional in mind,” said Alison Gutterman, Jelmar CEO and president. “These professionals rely on clean environments to do their jobs properly. Jelmar wants to make sure their cleaning tasks are one of the most easily and efficiently tackled jobs day in and day out with products like CLR Pro heavy duty cleaner.”

Industry professionals working around areas, such as commercial kitchens, manufacturing, pool decks and hospitality, can rely on CLR Pro’s efficient, easy-to-use formula to tackle the tough jobs they face every day. It is also a water-based and biodegradable solution, meaning it will not harm areas surrounded by grass, shrubs, or vegetation.

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