Bostik has introduced Bostik Bosti-Flex Plus, a siliconized acrylic latex sealant. Offering adhesion and flexibility to most building materials and common household surfaces, Bosti-Flex Plus complements various Bostik grout colors and may also be easily painted with latex or oil-based coatings. For both interior and exterior applications, Bosti-Flex Plus is mold/mildew resistant, provides elasticity for flexible joints, emits zero VOCs, and is easy to apply and clean.

"The product has been developed for multi-purpose sealant applications that include windows, door frames, sinks, tubs, shower surrounds, countertops and bonding applications for wood trim, ceramic tile and natural stone,” said Jake Krause, Bostik's product line specialist for construction sealants and adhesives. “The versatility of Bosti-Flex Plus along with its ease of use should make this a go-to product for multiple applications."

Bostik Bosti-Flex Plus is offered in a case consisting of 12 10.1-ounce cartridges, and is currently available in six colors.

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