Laticrete recently launched Spartacote urethane cement to provide commercial and industrial production facility managers with a durable, high-performance coating system that can withstand thermal shocks, heavy traffic, and harsh impacts. With its simple, two-step installation process and enhanced workability, Spartacote urethane cement gives coatings professionals a faster, easier installation.

“Spartacote urethane cement can be applied on new or existing concrete after mechanical profile to a CSP ⅘,” said Jeff Bonkiewicz, Laticrete channel manager. “Then, after mixing, the material can be placed using a cam rake, which exhibits this innovative product’s easy workability and self-leveling qualities.”

As a high-performance flooring solution for demanding spaces, Spartacote is suitable for a wide-range of environments, including those exposed to thermal shock, such as in commercial kitchens as well as food and beverage production areas. This thick mil coating system can also withstand extreme abrasion and impact in spaces like heavy duty industrial facilities.

“Another interesting differentiating factor for Spartacote urethane cement is a Spartacote Flex Pure Clinical Plus top coat, which offers floor owners silver ion antimicrobial technology embedded within the coating, exhibiting microbial mitigation properties as well as no product degradation, discoloration, or odors throughout the floor coating system,” Bonkiewicz added.

Available in light grey, dark grey, red, green, black, and tan, Spartacote is designed to be used in conjunction with Spartacote top-coats for additional protection and UV stable properties.

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